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What forms do I need to appeal a forcible detainer in Galveston County? I have til Feb 14th to leave my home.

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No writ has been issued yet. Can a writ be issued and can I be forced out during an appeal process? The mortgage co. said that they had sent me a notice to vacate in Nov., I did not get it, they have no proof that I received it either. I was served papers to appear in court on the 28th of Jan., went to court on Feb 3rd, was givren til Feb 14th. Judge said that I have til today to appeal.

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Check out this link

It provides the details of appealing an eviction starting on page 4. I suggest hiring an attorney.

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This is complicated and you should seriously consider hiring an experienced lawyer to help you with this. Good luck!!


To start, you'll need to file a notice of appeal, and post a bond. Talk to the JP court clerk.

If you think you have a good case, I strongly suggest you hire an attorney, otherwise all you're going to do is delay the inevitable.

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