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What forms do I have to file for a non contested divorce in Georgia with children

Locust Grove, GA |

I am wondering what certain forms I have to file for my divorce. My husband and I have come to an agreement on everything and he is willing to sign, we also have 3 kids. I just am trying to find out which certain papers I have to file.

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Getting a Georgia Divorce, especially with children, requires lot's of work that is very difficult to do with the help of an experienced divorce attorney. (Parenting plans, child support calculations, etc.) You should be able to hire an experienced divorce attorney to assist you for a very reasonable price, which would help ensure that the paperwork is actually approved by the judge the first time, potentially saving you months of extra time and worry in this already stressful time in your life. We don't do uncontested divorces at this time, but if you call my office we'll be glad to refer you to an experienced divorce firm that has exensive experience in uncontested divorce.


There are a number of different things that must be filed before your divorce can be finalized, not the least of which include the following:

1. Complaint for Divorce;
2. Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit;
3. Child Support Worksheet;
4. Parenting Plan;
5. Disclosure Statement;
6. Statement of Claim;
7. Final Judgment and Decree of Divorce;
8. Report of Divorce.

Some of these documents you will need to file with your initial filing with the Court, and some of these you will need to take to your hearing for the Judge to sign and then file with the Court after your divorce hearing. Some of these documents also require Verification Forms. Your Financial Affidavit requires two of your most recent pay stubs to be attached and also requires a Verification Form. You will also need to attend a divorcing parenting seminar if you have minor children as issue of your marriage. It is also smart to file a Settlement Agreement that contains all of the specific provisions that will govern the terms of your divorce, so that your assets and debts are properly divided and you don't run into problems in the future with your credit or your finances.