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What form is a "sample complaint" to file with the court for a personal injury case? The statute of limitations runs outtomorrow

Portland, OR |

My ankle got run over 2 years ago. I was told to get a "sample complaint" and fill it out myself to make it so the insurance company would get something and my lawyer and I could prolong the case. I have no idea which form this is. Also, does it need to be filed today (that statute of limitations runs out tomorrow) or by tomorrow? Last of all, if you know which form this would be, how do I fill it out and what do I say? A store that has hundreds of forms said all they could think of was a blank sheet they had. I wouldn't have to be asking this but I have been through many lawyers and different advice in only a few days.

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With such little time left, you should get an attorney to file the complaint for you assuming that this, in turn, keeps your case alive. If you have problems hiring an attorney with such short notice on a contingency basis, consider hiring an attorney and paying for a couple hours of time to make sure that your rights are not waived by failing to file in a timely manner.


If your injury occurred in Oregon, you should immediately contact an experienced attorney in your area to advise you, who is admitted to practice and in good standing in Oregon. If Oregon law applies, without a tolling agreement in place, the complaint must be filed within two years from the date of the accident, which can be on last day of the limitations period. Oregon pleading rules for the complaint must be adhered to, and proper service of the complaint and summons on defendant(s) must be accomplished within a limited time or your claim may be lost.

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