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What form do I need to have people sign a petition to have the property management removed from managing my Town Homes?

Fairfield, CA |

I feel the property management company needs to be replaced. The Kelly Company has been the management company too long and its time for a change. What do I need to do to get them out and a new company in?

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The HOA board is the body which hires the management company. Typically, the HOA board will have signed a written contract with the management company. You need to contact the HOA board to address your concerns. Only the board can make the change, and presumably, the board will not want to terminate or breach any contract (unless the management company is in breach).

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Is the management company in breach when they do not advise the board that they are adopting rules that are inconsistent with the CC&Rs, which are illegal according to California Civil Code 1357.110?


I agree with Counselor Chen. If you feel that strongly about removing the PMC you might consider scheduling a meeting with the board to address your concerns. If you would like to participate in decision-making regarding HOA business in the future, consider volunteering to serve on the board of the HOA.

As for the PMC contract, the contract must be performed during the term of the contract unless it is breached by the PMC or terminated by mutual agreement between the board and the PMC.

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