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What fee to pay for I-130 filing?

Las Vegas, NV |

My husband who is a US citizen if filing for my 13-yr daughter to come to the US. We're confused about what fee to pay. According to the USCIS website, the fee is $430 but on the US Embassy -Manila website it's approximately $230. We want to save money on the filing but don't want to find out we paid the wrong fee. Can we send the $230 fee and where do we file the I-130? Please help!

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The fee for the I-130 is $420. The $230 fee you refer to is the immigrant visa fee. So for now, the fee you need with your I-130 would be the $420.


The filing fee for an I-130 petition is $420. The petition has to be filed at the Chicago Lockbox. See filing instructions for Form I-130 for exact address.


Answers above are correct. Filing fee at this stage is $420.00, payable via personal check to "Department of Homeland Security" It has to be filed at the Chicago Lock Box. To make certain your petition is accurate and supported by correct documentation, you should enlist the services of an Immigration Attorney. Feel free to give my office a call for a consultation.

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