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What exspense should be expected to be deductded from the settlement check?

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Your question is unclear and we would need more information about your claim/lawsuit to offer any coherent answer. Typically any liens or litigation costs may be deducted from a settlement prior to disbursement.

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Costs and the medical liens. Refer to your fee agreement. Have your lawyer negotiate down the liens to 5-10 cents on the dollar before you sign the release.


Case expenses such as court costs, expert fees, reporters fees must be paid in full. Some liens can be negotiated down, others can't. It depends on the nature of the lien, to whom the money is owed, and how much was recovered . To suggest that the client should not sign a release until the attorney has negotiated all the liens down 90% or more is not good advice. Medicare, for example, may not even tell the lawyer what the lien is until the settlement amount is finalized.

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Based on the info provided, I would presume normal "expenses" are Court filing fees, extensive photo copy jobs, courier service, parking and tolls to go to Court, medical record copying fees, etc.

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