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What expenses does Child Support cover in Kitsap County?

Poulsbo, WA |

My Ex has custody of our two children. They live with me for half of the week. I was wondering what the Child Support I provide is supposed to pay for as it is paid to their Mother. I need to know specifically what expenses are covered and what is to be split as an above and beyond expense. I have not been able to find a definitive document on this, even in our divorce proceedings regarding Support. Thank you for your time.

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That's because there isn't a definitive answer under the Washington statutes, court rules, or case law. In practice, courts will view it as going toward the basic expenses every child needs: shelter, utilities, food. Clothes are arguable, but IMO clothes are included too.

Whether you have to contribute to expenses above the monthly support payment depends on section 3.15 of your support order. In addition, some expenses are included by law to be apportioned between the parents according to income. See RCW 26.19.080 at this link:

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