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What expenses are covered by Child support?

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What of my sons expenses are covered by me paying child support and what additionally am I required to pay above child support? My son lived with me the last 2 years. In January he went to live with his mother. Our divorce agreement was 50-50 custody and shared bills on a percentage. She filed for child support from January to now. I've been paying an average of 400 a month of his personal expenses for those 3 months. Additionally I pay his medical, cell phone, sports, my share of lunch etc with getting no credit for those payments except medical. But basically If I pay and don't fight for back child support what expenses does my child support cover and what are the additional expenses I'm responsible for? Thanks

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Basic child support is supposed to be the amount needed to feed, clothe, and shelter the child; to provide medical support; and work- or education-related child care costs. Child support will also cover any support arrears or reimbursement of public assistance payments already made on behalf of the child. Beyond that, child support covers whatever the child support order says it covers.

If you want to know where your legal responsibilities to your child begin and end, you should discuss your divorce decree and related court orders & agreements with an attorney. As for the ethical and moral obligations a parent owes his child, that is up to you to decide.

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If you are paying full chld support, then that should cover all costs other than medical and daycare reimbursement. Additionally, child support can only go back to when the motion is filed, not before. Child support is based upon parenting time, so technically she should have to get the parenting time order changed as well before modifying child support depending on what your Decree says. You should consult with an attorney. 651-604-0711

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