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What Exactly Happens when a Person is dealing with two DUI arrests. Details are below

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While I was taking classes at the AEP Alcohol education education for my first DUI , I got my 2nd DUI. I became convicted of the 2nd DUI and became a first Offender . How ever I completed the AEP program and was given a completion certificate. Now I have a court hearing regarding my first DUI .. Will I be made to go through the AEP program again or will I be convicted of the first DUI? P.S When I went to court of course they knew that I had a previous DUI as well . So the prosecutor said that based on the above facts ,, you are gonna be made a first offender. SO what are the chances of me becoming a Convict for my first DUI ?? considering the fact that I have done every thing the court told me to do regarding my first DUI in order to avoid a conviction? What do you guys say ?

It should be noted That I did Complete the AEP program but got the second DUI ten days before completing it. What are the chances that I will become a Double first offender. and will my licence be suspended again ?? Is yes that would be punishing me twice for the same mistake .. That's not in accordance with U.S.A laws .. I would really appreciate detailed feed back from all the esteemed lawyers . thank you .. Best

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This question has already been asked and answered. You are not being punished for the same crime twice. You are being punished for committing the same crime on two different dates. Even though you completed the alcohol education program you failed to avoid being arrested for another DWI prior to the dismissal date of your first case. Some might argue the classes didn't work for you. You will, in all likelihood, be punished as a first offender. However, your driving privileges will be adversely affected. If you get arrested for DWI again within 10 years you will be facing a minimum 1 year in jail.


Make sure your attorney knows that the prosecutor stated that you are to be convicted of a DUI 1st. Based on the law, because you are now convicted of a prior DUI (as a 2nd), you can AGAIN be convicted of a DUI 2nd and receive enhanced (harsher) punishment. Get an aggressive, well versed DUI attorney. Good luck.

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