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What evidences shud be presented to Immigration for abusive relationship to consider applying under VAWA program of Immigration?

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I have been in abusive relationship from which I cannot get out as abusers as they are all US citizens and Permanent Residents. They make all kind of threats to take legal and possible illegal actions if i tried to get out of the relationship. what should I do? They give me the threats for my life. how should i record these? I have been abused since past two years. Its very hard to take it now. I want to collect all possible evidences I could. Please please give me directions that what kind of evidences would be considered best in proving my case? audio or video recordings or journaling...I dont know which one would be legally binding.
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The list can be far too laborious to be explained on a free general forum such as this one. Schedule a private consultation work an experienced immigration lawyer to be explained it in full.

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Evidences that has helped clients of mine are abuse prevention order taken against the abuser, police reports, medical records from doctors documenting report of abuse, records from therapists, pictures of any record of abuse against you, if any is physical, medical records and pictures does help to tell your story. Goodluck!


Unless one of those abusers is your U.S. citizen or permanent resident spouse or parent, VAWA does not apply.