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What evidence must a police officer have to arrest a employee accused of theft by his supervisor?

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was arrested by police, supervisor showed him a copy of a receipt I returned a item for a customer two months prior. policy was followed. there was no footage, video, or eye witness to a crime. supervisor never showed the officer the item I was accused of but stated he did a inventory two days ago and two were missing. the item I returned two months ago and a fellow employee returned. officer never checked any thing but look at this copy of the receipt. I was told I was under arrest and the supervisor said the company is pressing charges. I was released six hours later from jail for lack of evidence like I stated to the officer. was police wrong just like the supervisor? discrimination case is already filed against the company. my fellow employee was fired for the same , not arrested.

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The discrimination case (absent something you haven't mentioned) is not the way to go at all. You may have a good false arrest claim against your employer and, possibly, the officer. Those claims depend upon having the criminal charges dismissed. If you do a pre trial diversion program, or anything like that, you will have no claim. You should contact our firm immediately. We would be happy to discuss your case with you. We have had a great deal of success bringing these claims in Georgia.

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Take up Mr. Atkins's offer and talk to him about your case. Don't do this on your own. You need a skilled lawyer.