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What evidence is needed convict domestic violence case

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officer that took statements from witness inproperly applied them as acts described as things i had commited when the witness was describing a prior aLTERcation with someone else.

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In Domestic Violence Cases, often times the couple is extremely passionate and heated. This means that sometimes one of the parties can fabricate or exaggerate what happened, either due to the heat of the moment or perhaps the desire to get back at their partner. Officers write down these statements and these statements are then given to the prosecutors office where the prosecutor decides to move forward or not. Unfortunately, I have worked on cases where the spouse/partner goes to the prosecutor and explains that she was exaggerating and wants the charges dropped. Usually this does not make a difference; once the prosecutor decides to move forward with the charges, the victims change of heart will usually not cause the prosecutor to "drop the charges". Thus, you should get a good attorney who is familiar with domestic violence. In the event that the prosecutor is unwilling to negotiate, your attorney can take the case to trial. At trial, your attorney will be able to ask the witness questions and, through the questions, (hopefully) demonstrate to the jury why the witnesses testimony is not credible. If you have any additional questions, I give free consultations. I hope for a favorable outcome in your case.

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