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What evidence do I need to get a restraining order for harassment?

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I'm an adult and I have abusive parents who I want to end contact with because of their harassment, I dont have evidence of this except for a witness. Is that enough to get a restraining order against them? will it prevent them from contacting me or my family online like on social media sites?

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Hate to hear that your relationship with your parents has deteriorated to the point you want to terminate the relationship.
You should look at Code of Civil Procedure section 527.6(b)
Otherwise, I suppose you could just change contact information and impose on line bli=ocks.

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It depends on the judge. You should be able to apply for a DV restraining order because of your relationship status. The standard of proof is "reasonable proof of past acts or abuse." If they've been harassing you on social media you should use that as your evidence. Also consider phone records, text messages, e-mails, etc. Good luck!

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