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What else am i supposed to wait for if i filled for divorce on feb 10th?

Mission, TX |

i did my own divorce papers online with the divorce writer website, i filled on feb 10th, both my ex and i signed every single paper. Am i still married? i am in another relationship already, and He is also in a relationship already and they are expecting their 2nd child together, i dont want to be legally married to him anymore. please help.

when i called the clerk said my case was still pending.. how can i speed this up?

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Every courthouse has a law library. The local ones in Collin and Dallas have prove-up questions to finalize your divorce, and some counties have pro se (unrepresented) dockets where the judge will approve of your decree. You should make a trip to the courthouse if you are not going to hire a lawyer and ask the clerks where the law library is and inquire what the local procedures are for an unrepresented client in that district.


The best way to speed it up is to hire a lawyer.


Getting divorced is not like getting married. The paperwork only gets you into court. You'll still need to set the matter for hearing and provide testimony to the Court. You're almost there. I would hire an attorney to help you get over the final hurdles.

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