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What dose it take to get jurisdiction isssues taken care of so i can go thru legal aid society in utah?

Salt Lake City, UT |

ive been married for 28 yrs the past 4 have bee in gillette wyoming where we bought a house, when i was booted from my home this yr, i had no where to go except my mother-inlaws.... in tooele utah.... ive lived here since april of 2010....i played the 9 wk twaiting game with legal aid in salt lake city just to find out im denied due to jurisdiction issues?? and to locate a lawyer to find out what can be done to fix them... i do not have the means to pay a lawyer... my husband is slow playing the divorce , even tho there is another woman with 3 boys living in my home... and they plan to get married.

i put all i had in this life time goal of a marriage... 28 yrs ,,, life insurance, 6 grandkids... i want my medical insurance back, and i want financial hlep fnnancially.... this is ridiculous i cant even afford a lawyer, everything is in his name so he says in wyoming its all his and he owes me nothing....

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Not sure why you were denied based on jurisdictional issues. Generally speaking, an individual must be a bona fide resident of the county in which they file for divorce (or the respondent) for 3 months prior to the time of filing. If you have children at issue in the divorce, there may be other jurisdictional issues to resolve. You should call and speak with a family law attorney who9 can get the necessary details of your particular set of circumstances.

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