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What doese a seperation agreement cost befor divorce? Been legally married for 11 years been living apart for ten any help?

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Been legally married for 11 years but living in seperate states for 10. One child, with support order already in place. I would like to be divorced but can't afford it. Are there any grounds in new york state that will help with little to no cost?

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The cost of a separation agreement varies depending on the attorney involved and whether you are both in agreement from the beginning or negotiations are required. Grounds are not usually what makes divorces expensive, it's usually the other issues like custody and support htat people argue over. That being said, however, New York now recognizes "no fault" grounds but you still have to have issues of equitable distribution of marital property, custody and support resolved before a divorce is granted. If you were married for 11 years but separated for ten, chances are that child custody and support are the only issues you would need to resolve. If you already have a support order in place, this could be incorporated by reference into a divorce judgment making the process easier. There are lawyers in your area who offer low cost uncontested divorces so ask around. It may be more afordable than you think.


No, every attorney will charge you a fee for preparing the paperwork and the court costs won't be waived.


I would suggest contacting the local bar association. They sometimes have a list of attorneys who will provide pro bono (free) services for people with limited finances. The bar association may also be able to refer you to a legal aid agency in your community that assists low income individuals. Good luck.

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If you are poor you can have court costs waived by the court. You can also apply to legal aid, law schools, or bar association for pro bono lawyer or hire a private lawyer.

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You can check to see if you qualify for Legal Aid or if your local bar association offers a pro bono assignment that you would qualify for. If neither option works, you can see if my online uncontested divorce website would be helpful. The cost is moderate and the entire process is handled by my office; you simply provide all of the information we need via our secure server. That website is at

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