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What does vop/vocc mean?

Brooksville, FL |
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VOP means violation of probation and VOCC means violation of community control. This likely means that your son was on probation or community control and violated the terms of that sentence either with a technical violation (such as not reporting to his probation officer) or by being arrested for a new offense.


To get the full and complete details of your son's arrest, you should head down to the clerk of court and obtain a copy of your son's "Violation of Probation/Community Control Warrant" and "Affidavit for Violation of Probation/Community Control". (community control = "cc") This very helpful document will list such details as 1)when your son was placed on probation/cc 2)how long a term of probation/cc 3)offenses for which your son was on probation/cc 4)the nature of the violations (i.e. did he fail to pay fines, fail to do community service or attend a treatment class? did he allegedly commit a new offense) 5) history of supervision (has he violated before or been warned regarding a violation? etc etc).

All of this information, and more, is contained in the documents listed above that should be public record now that your son has been arrested. Go check them out and call any local criminal attorney should you have any questions regarding the meaning of these documents (or call me, I'll talk to you about it for free, but I don't practice in Brooksville...).

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Both attorneys anwered the question. I would add one thing to John Guidry's thorough answer: When you go to the court file you will also be able to determine what the probation/community control officer is recommending for a sentence if the Judge finds a violation.

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