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What does this mean for me now that I completed everything in my consent decree?

Columbiana, AL |

I am a juvenile and I took candy from a concession stand and was charged with burglary-3. I received a consent decree and followed everything in it with perfection and six months later I received papers telling me that I have completed everything. I know that if I had not done everything in the decree that the "petition would be reinstated" and I would "proceed to adjudication." What I do not know is exactly what it means that I did abide by the terms and conditions set in the consent decree. I still have to file motions to seal and later to erase. So what is the benefit of getting the consent decree and being a juvenile? Will I be limited on what I can do as if I were a felon? This is all really confusing to me and any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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You need to speak with your attorney that helped you with this situation. It sounds like you've done everything you need to do.


Erick Platten
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