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What does this mean: "WARRANT is requested because prosecutor represente that accused may not appear unless arrested" ?

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my friend was notified of a criminal complaint against him, and this sentence was checked. He has not been arrested. What does this mean?

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In general, criminal complaints are issued as a Summons, or as a Warrant. If a Summons is issued, the person is arrested, processed, and then released with a date to come back to Court. If a Warrant is issued, the person is arrested, processed, and a bail is set which must be posted before the person is released. The purpose of the bail requirement is to ensure that the person returns for Court appearances. Good luck.

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He can either hire a lawyer and go face the charges to avoid an arrest, or he will likely be arrested and then have to get a lawyer. In either case, have him give me a call and I will assist him for a reasonable fee.

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I am a Massachusetts attorney and I only practice Criminal Defense. I am a former Assistant District Attorney.

The best thing your friend can do is to go to the district court that issued the warrant as soon as possible. The worst thing that could happen under these circumstances is for your friend to have any contact with the police prior to turning himself in at the courthouse. If your friend interacts with the police (for example, if he is pulled over for speeding or if the police go to his house) he will be arrested and brought to court in handcuffs. Walking into court voluntarily as opposed to being brought in by the police will give your friend a crucial advantage at his arraignment. The Commonwealth wil be less likely to ask for bail and the judge will be less likely to impose bail for a person who walked into court voluntarily than for a person who was picked up by the police and brought in.

Having said this, I would never recomend that someone turn themselves in to remove a warrant without at least consulting an attorney. I offer free consultations and would be glad to advise your friend. 774 254 4411

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