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What does this law mean in Pennsylvania? 62 pa.c.s. § 403.2

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I got a letter from the Department of Public Welfare explaining to me that I will "no longer qualify for General Assistance Cash Assistance because this General Assistance Cash Assistance will be discontinued effective July 1, 2012". It said this was the law they used to make this decision : 62 pa.c.s. § 403.2

I have tried looking this up in a search engine, and it didn't help me. Could a lawyer please explain to me what this law means and what exactly they are saying to me? Or, a link that will definitely help me out with this?

Thank you, I'd really appreciate an answer soon.

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Here is the legislative memorandum that was issued before you recieved your letter:

A news article about how this is moving through legislative bodies can be found at the Pennsylvania health law project here:

Essentially, because the PA state budget had to make cuts, Govenor Corbett proposed cutting the state cash assistance. Actually, this proposal went to the General Assembly for legislative action and we are expected to get a definitive answer by today, June 30.

Good luck and stay tuned!

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Kelie Cummins Schneider

Kelie Cummins Schneider


Around 2:30 today, the Pa Senate passed the Budget. Contained in this budget was a law that stops cash assistance for PA welfare recipients. There are a few exceptions that you can find in the first link that i included above.


62 P.S. 403.2 does not exist...

This may be a typo or error.. 62 P.S. 432.2 relates to eligibility.

There should be a section in the letter where they list a contact for appeal. Read the letter carefully and contact DPW for further clarification.



Oh, that was my typo. It did say 62 P.S. 432.2 .