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What does the plaintiff's response to my motion mean? I do not understand the legal jargon.

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The plaintiff's attorney responds with:


Plaintiff, ______________________, by counsel, opposes Defendant's Motion to Strike Plaintiff's Affidavit. In support thereof, Plaintiff states the following.

1. Defendant's Motion fails to set forth a proper basis for the relief sought.

WHEREFORE, Plaintiff respectfully requests that this Court:
1. Deny Defendant's Motion; and
2. Grant Plaintiff such other and further relief as the nature of its cause may require.

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Attorney answers 3


This response is not legal jargon.

The plaintiff says that the defendant has made a motion that does not set forth a proper basis for the relief the motion sought. That statement is plain, clear and has no ambiguity.

Good luck.


It would help to know what the affidavit is, how it was offered to the court, and what your motion said. There are certain items to attack in an affidavit, and your questions is rather vague about what is being discussed in the motions.


I assume you have filed a motion to strike the Plaintiff's affidavit, and this is the response. You are well advised to get legal counsel on this case, if you cannot settle it yourself.

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