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What does the law state about paying a loan if the collector won't give you the payday loan companies name.

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I am receiving calls from a collection agency . When I Google the # 714 - 576 - 2915 a gentleman answers . He gives me a case # and said it's from a year ago . I told him I'm not about to pay for something I don't have to verify but he told me in Texas they don't have to verify the loan until after you have paid it . I can't get him to stop calling me . His name is Mr . Smith and I explained to him as well that I can't get these calls at work but he doesn't stop . I'm just curious . I owed $ 500 he states but because it has to go to a court hearing and interest on the loan and filing fees I have to pay them $ 2800 . 00 . I'm not saying this couldn't be legitimate . I have had payday loans in the past and I have paid them all so it might be an error on their part but how do you prove that

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"Mr. Smith" is clearly a fake name, and, under the FDCPA, he is required to provide you with the original creditor's name, the address of his collection agency, and, upon written request, he is required to verify the debt within 30 days. He is also required to cease calling you at work if you've informed him that he is not allowed to do so. Plus, have you inquired about this "case number"? Is it even real? Contact the court where this so-called case if "filed" and see if it is legitimate. One final point - I googled the number you provided, and it shows up as a cell phone in/near Anaheim, CA. This is obviously a scam.

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Thank you so much. I knew it didn't sound right but you never know. I just can't believe people make a living scaring other people and bullying them. No wonder he just says hello when I call that # ha...... I will call now and check into the case #. Thank you again, you are doing a good thing for a lot of people. I know you are easing the stress and helping us at least get an answer to where we should proceed. Keep up the good work.


As stated in the prior answer, this is a clear violation of the FDCPA and would subject the collector to a claim by you for damages. The problem appears to be knowing who he is and for whom he is working. It would also subject the lender to such a claim, but they aren't identified either.

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