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What does the code 43470 in Santa Clara County courts mean?

San Jose, CA |

A friend of mine was arrested and when I was looking up his information online, I noticed that the first column said SNO, the second column said Court Code 43470, the third said Dept., etc.

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I believe it's the code for the court where the case will be. It's the court on Hedding Street in San Jose.


I respectfully disagree with my colleague. In looking up records in Santa Clara County, you can obtain a CEN number (7 or 8 digits), a personal ID number (10 digits) and a PFN number (3 letters followed by 3 digits). There are no 5-digit numbers that I have ever seen.

The department number tells you where he will be arraigned, and, if the DA has filed a case yet, there will be a 6-digit number preceded by CC.

The criminal courts are located on West Hedding, unless it was a drug offense, which first goes to Drug Court. You can get all this information on the San Jose Criminal Court web site.



what is the website?


I defer to Mr. Kaman. He's from that neck of the woods.