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My ex was denied his TRO initially then at the hearing it was granted when I asked for a continuence to find an attorney. What does the CLETS stand for. My ex is trying to get a criminal charge on me too and that was another reason we couldn't hold the hearing because the judge said I cant speak on the matter just in case the DA picks up the case. Not that it may matter here but I didn't do anything that deserved a TRO I just cant defend myself right now I didn't even file a response I cant. My ex tried a TRO a few years ago and lost but what is CLETS and is this anything that make a TRO worse? My ex has been trying for years to get me out of the way so he doesn't need to co parent by trying to go as far as getting me in jail so please give me more advice here than "You need an attorney"

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CLETS stands for Califronia Law Enforcement Telecommunications System.



Is that just standard for a TRO...because you cant violate it I know it just to let police know if you violate it its on record and you can be arrested? What is the difference between Clets and non-clets


Dan is correct it is a part of law enforcements telecommunications system. Lawyer up and good luck.

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Mr. Chambers is correct. You really do need an attorney. Good luck.


CLETS means if the restraining order is granted, it is reported to the police and is part of their criminal communication system. If they run your driver's license, license plates, name, address etc., they will know about the restraining order. If by chance the protected person calls the police to report a violation, they can look it up in the system and ascertain where you live and work.

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