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What does supervised visitation mean?

Fayetteville, TN |

I have temporary legal custody of my niece and nephew. My papers say the parents shall be afforded supervised visitation with the children, subject to the discretion of the custodians. Does this mean the children can stay the weekends with their parent's alone? That is what my brother's lawyer told him.

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Only with supervision


No! Either your brother's lawyer is mistaken or your brother is lying to you about what his lawyer told him. My bet is that your brother isn't being truthful about what his lawyer told him.

If the Court has ordered that the parents' visitation must be supervised, then the parents' visitation must be supervised by you or by an appropriate third party of your choosing at all times. The parents must not be allowed to be alone with the children. If you allow the parents to be alone with the children while an order requiring that the parents' visitation be supervised is still in place, then your niece and nephew will likely end up foster care and you could be held in contempt of court for violating a court order.

If you do not currently have an attorney, I would highly recommend that you retain one to help guide you through these custody proceedings. You really need a knowledgeable family lawyer to give you objective legal advice as this case progresses in order to make sure that your rights are adequately protected.


No! No! No! No! No! You can find yourself in trouble. Supervised means supervised. You or someone you really really trust need to keep eyes and ears on the parents during the visitation at all time. Children spending the night over the weekend with the parents is call unsupervised overnight visitation. That is NOT what the court ordered.

Please note that my answering this question, does not, in any way, mean I represent you for this, or any other case. You need to seek that actual face-to-face advice of any attorney in your area who can further explain the law as it applies to your case.

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