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What does pursuant to 1050(D) PC the court finds good cause has been shown to grant the continuance?

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Does PC 1050 section D in CA law mean that the courts found evidence to convict my husband? And they couldn't show it at that time?

I know that California Penal Code Section 1050 (d) talks about when a person makes a motion for a continuance but has failed to give notice, and then a court holds a hearing to see if there was good cause for not complying with the requirement. The court will then decide whether to grant the motion for continuance.

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No, PC 1050(d) does not mean that there is evidence to convict. This code means that they postponed his court date.



And how long can they keep postponing the case ? And is it good that they postponed it?


Since a case has been filed, assume they already have evidence against your husband. 1050(d) is just the code section for, essentially, an oral motion for continuance. The court obviously found good cause to continue the matter.

You should speak with your husband's attorney about the reasons for it and what the next court date is.

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Will my husbands public defender know if they have solid evidence against him and will they tell my husband what it is?


It means that either the DA or his attorney asked for a continuance and the judge felt the reasons for the continuance were good reasons to continue the case.

The above information does not establish an attorney client relationship nor is it meant to provide legal advice.

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