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What does pending charges mean bt no warrents have not been issused an then pending they are telling us are on here say

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fr some one my minor son had a conflick with he is in states custody over a different issuse where or what do we need to do because this could effect his outdate on this he has nt done can they charge him with only here say with no other proof.

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Your question is very confusing and hard to read but I'll take a guess at what you are asking. I'm going to guess that your son had a charge in General Sessions court. That case then was bound over to the grand jury and is awaiting indictment in Criminal Court. If that is the case, it can take several months to have a case indicted. In the meantime, the case would likely show as pending. If this is not what you are asking the perhaps you can repost it a little more clearly with more facts.
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