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What does pavc75 sec 3111 mean on a traffic ticket in pa

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I got a traffic ticket for speeding. The ticket has PAVC75 Sec 3111 on it. The officer said that I would not have any points against my license and checked other on the ticket stating Obedience to Traffic Control Device. The FIne was $25.00 and added misc. charges the total is $111.00. Was the office truthful in telling me that I would not have any points on my license with this type of violation? This is the first time this ever happened to me. I was polite to the officer and he was very nice to me too, but that doesn't mean he was telling the truth. What type of ticket to I have and how do I find out if there are any points against me.

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It stands for Pennsylvania Vehicle Code section 3111, which deals with obeying traffic control devices (traffic lights and signs of any kind, basically, failure to obey the rules of the road). The police officer did cut you a break by citing you for a 3111, it carries no points on the license. I recommend you pay the fine, but you can go into the court and challenge it. If the officer is there and tells the judge he already cited you for a lesser offense, you probably won't get your fine lowered.

PENNDOT's website has a downloadable PDF which explains the points system and lists some of the ways in which you can get points on your license.

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Thanks for your answer. It was very helpful. I have no intentions of going to court and trying to lower the fine. I'll just pay it and watch my speed on the road in the future. Thanks again, :)


The officer was telling you the truth because 3111a doesn't carry any points. It is probably best if you just pay the fine. Although you do have the option to contest it, but would be unlikely to get a better deal or get the ticket thrown out.


Yes he is telling you the truth. You will not get a better result unless the judge finds you not guilty.

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