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What does non-revocation action mean when dealing with an alleged parole violation?

San Antonio, TX |

My son was transferred from NM to TX on parole on a sexual assault charge and when he made his first visit to parole office he had a cell phone with camera and internet accessibility and was arrested on the spot after being in town 3 days. He did not know he was not allowed to have a cell phone with Internet and camera capabilities. He and his girlfriend (now wife) were sending pictures back and forth and he was trying to learn how to get on the Internet to find out what he would be allowed to do and not do while on parole and that was a parole violation here in Texas. I was told that the results of the hearing was non-revocation action-return to originating state (which I know that means they want to return him to NM). Please explain what non-revocation action means. Thank you.

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Non revocation action means the State is not seeking to revoke him but he is being sent back to New Mexico.

This was a technical violation.


Erick Platten

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