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What does no bond mean in this charge? I was going to do some time if I showed up for court?? This is a warrant

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Level Issue Date 8/9/2010 NCIC Charge Bail-Secured Bond Original Offense Cocaine-Possess Court 147TH DISTRICT COURT Bond Bail Remarks MANUFACTURE DELIVER CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE 4-200G COCAINE FELONY*DC147 NO BOND QE4118 SID/TX0076490578 TCIC/NCIC M352

I've moved to New London, Connecticut. What will happen to me??

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If stopped for any reason (speeding, jay-walking, etc.) this warrant will appear. because it is a very serious felony charge (first degree felony with a punishment range of 5-99 years and up to a $10,000 fine), you will be held and extradited to Texas. Because No Bond is set you will be held until you appear before the court. Additionally, because you moved it will also appear you are running or absconding from the court and law.

I suggest hiring a local criminal defense attorney to attempt to get a bond set despite the appearance that you are absconding. Then you should prepare to turn yourself in to handle this charge. Last thing, go in and edit your question because you put in your SID/TX and TCIC/NCIC #s. These specifically identify who you are and therefore if any law enforcement was searching this site, they would know that YOU now live where you say you live. Just a thought.

Good luck to you and know that running from this will drag on forever and computer databases never forget about a warrant.

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I agree with the answer above, and note that here on AVVO a few days ago a poster related how a 20 year old warrant surfaced. I also hear tales from clients extradited from out of state as to how utterly miserable the long van ride across the US is. Chained to a van seat OR hire a TX attorney to get to work on your case. Your choice. The warrant lives to ruin your day.

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I agree with the prior answers. You need to hire a Texas attorney to help you. Do not wait to get arrested and extradited. The warrant is not going to go away. A local attorney can possibly get you a bond you can make and the attorney can defend you while you are on bond rather in jail.


You need to get an Austin attorney to clear that mess up. That information means that the judge did not set a bond (meaning the judge intended for you to be in custody), but that would have been done by Judge Flowers, who has now retired. The new judge, Judge Brown, has the authority to revise that if he chooses. I would advise hiring a good Austin lawyer to start working on that. Generally speaking, you will be looked upon more favorably for coming back voluntarily and having counsel- that way the system does not have to pay for your arrest, extradition, and appointing a lawyer. Our office does these fairly often, please feel free to call if you want more advice/info.