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What does level five dwi mean

Thomasville, NC |
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In NC, DWI sentences are levels 1-5. Levels 1 and 2 carry the harshest consequences. Level 5 usually carries the least consequences of the 5 levels of sentencing. The terms of a Level 5 sentence can vary from person to person, but a Level 5's fines can't be more than $200 and jail time of 24 hours to 60 days. Also, at Level 5 sentencing, one can usually obtain limited driving privileges.

If you have been sentenced to a Level 5 for a DWI, make sure to ask your attorney or the court for the actual terms of your sentence, since one person's "Level 5" might be different than someone else's.

Note (disclaimer); Each case is fact dependent. I am not your attorney until you hire me. When in doubt, always seek the advice of an attorney licensed to practice in your state.

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