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What does it mean when your social security number is blacklisted?

Du Bois, PA |

I had received a call eariler from a man with a very thick accent (so it was hard to understand) saying something about my ssn being blacklisted. I don't know if this is from a scammer or something legit, someone tried to scam me three days ago.Please explain to me what this means, and if its something legit. Thank you!

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If he was seeking your social security number, it was a scam.

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What if he had it?


It is very unlikely that the Social Security administration would make this type of phone call and more likely that it was a scam. You should never provide personal information by telephone unless you are certain that you are speaking with the appropriate person. In this matter, if a government agency was attempting to contact you, they would probably not do so by calling you.


Mr. Morgan and Mr. Caraciolo have given you excellent advice. You should heed their words. In addition, if you have caller ID on your telephone, you should report the number to the proper authorities (FCC, SSA, local law enforcement, state Attorney General's Office, local district attorney, etc.)

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