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What does it mean when you have a calender court date for a dui??

Phoenix, AZ |

I got a dui still haven't been sentenced yet, but got a calender court date. What exatly is a calender court date??

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Probably a pre-trial conference of some form. Maricopa County Superior Court has something called "the master calendar". Some of the city courts might use an obscure phrase like "calendar court date" as a catch-all phrase. If you don't know what to expect at your next court appearance, I would recommend that you consult with a lawyer.


What you are describing to me sounds more like "calendar call," which is a court date. Calendar call occurs when your case is set to a jury trial; it is essentially a status conference.

Most courts will set several jury trials for the same day in the same court. Obviously, only one jury trial can take place at a time. Calendar call is designed to figure out, of the cases set for trial, which cases are ready to go to trial and then determine which of those cases is the oldest, the next oldest, etcetera. The oldest case that is ready for trial will be designated the "go" or "#1" case, the second oldest will be "#2," and so on.

You need to attend the calendar call, or at least be in close contact with your attorney, to determine where you are on that list. Your trial could proceed in your absence if you are not there; a warrant could issue as well.