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What does it mean when the status of an upcoming case is "Remove fr ct control"??

Redding, CA |

There is an upcoming case classified as a criminal misdemeanor and the status of this case that is published on the docket has me stumped. What does it mean when it says "Remove fr ct control"?

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Attorney answers 2


That's a little puzzling. "Control" usually is used in two ways that I've seen on court calendars. One is "control date," meaning the court is controlling the progress of something, like discovery of evidence, or sentencing. Another is in the general sense of jurisdiction, i.e., the court is taking a matter off calendar and not handling the matter any longer. You will want to call the duty attorney at the public defender's office in your county to get a more certain answer; either that, or call the court itself.


This can mean a couple of things in our County. One is that the case has been dropped from calendar because all documents show compliance. The other is that the case has been dropped from calendar because of a failure to comply with court orders and a warrant has issued. You need to check with your lawyer on your status to make sure you are in compliance and that is the reason for the case being taken off calendar.