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What does it mean when the police or courts say in the interest of justice?

San Antonio, TX |

i was pulled over for no blinker, because cop thought i was up to no good i know this cuz they said it on tv. they said that they wanted to get me off the streets, and the blinker was thier way to arrest me only to have those charges dropped completely. and now they are accusing me of stealing from goodwill. there is a list of items, those items are mine and my husbands. we can prove it, how can police lie on report and get away with it? plus they do not have any of the items i am being accused of stealing. they say they have a video, but i know better, so what happens when we go to court? if i beat this charge and i already beat the blinker charge do i have case of wrong arrest and harrassment?the worse part on the blinker they never magistrated me

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If you were stopped for not using your blinker in violation of the transportation code, that is a valid reason to stop you even if the charge later doesn't hold up. If the state doesn't have any evidence against you they will either be forced to drop the charge or you can hire an attorney and win at trial hopefully.

As for a lawsuit for wrongful arrest and harassment as far as I know of cases against police departments, to beat the immunity of the officers in their capacity as police officers you would need more facts to show they were not acting in good faith.

Good luck


You need an attorney.

If you are being charged with a Class B or higher theft, and you cannot afford an attorney, you can ask the Court to appoint one to you.

The attorney can ask for a copy of the video and reports to prepare your case.