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What does it mean when I look up a statute and all I find is [RESERVED]?

Neenah, WI |

When browsing through statutes I've found a few that only have the article or sub-article number followed by the word "reserved" in brackets. I am wondering why that is and how I can find additional information about what the [RESERVED] means or the individual articles themselves and why they may be reserved.

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Probably means the Legislature / Secretary of State has reserved that title for future use. Either they anticipate that some future area of law will arise that they predict would make sense to place there or they just like to leave some open range. In some cases it could be that although the statues have been enacted, they have not yet been codified (the formal process by which bills signed into law by the governor are placed into the Wisconsin (or wherever) code.) Most bills are eventually codified, but some never get codified for whatever reason.

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