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What does it mean when an original bond is "vacated" and bail bond is reinstated?

South Lake Tahoe, CA |

I bailed a relative out of jail who's bond is in forfeiture, but court documents since then contain this statement. Is the bond reactive or has a different one been issued by the court?

Since then, this issuing company hangs up on me and I can't get any information except what is public record which I do not understand nor have the ability or time left to find help.

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when a bond is forfeited it means that the defendant didn't appear in court so the court forfeits the bail. The bail company will then be liable for the amount of the bail and ultimately the person that secured the bail will then be liable. It sounds like that person is you. Bonds are issued for each individual case. So if there are multiple cases, you need to check case numbers to determine if it is the case you paid for bond. You bail company should be able to find out the info you need.

When a bond is vacated means that the court has vacated the requirement for bond on the case. It usually means that the case is concluded.

when a bond is reinstated means that the original bond has been reinstated in the case. This usually occurs when a warrant is recalled on a forfeited bond.

For example, defendant does not show up for court. Court issues warrant and forfeits bond. Defendant then appears in court to clear the warrant. The court then reinstates the bond.