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What does it mean when a judge puts a 50000.00 bond on a witness who did not appear for the prilimanary hearing?

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I was arrested for domestic violence, My girlfreind and i got into a fight 2 days later her sister called the cops and said she was afraid for her sister safety, my girlfriend, the sister hates me, The police enter are apartment without permission, their are 2 different police reports on how they got into the apartment because their were 2 different officers, but my girlfriend won't testify for the prosecution because she cant believe that they arrested me, so she did not show up for court at the preliminary hearing, The judge put a 50,000.00 dollar bond on my girlfriend what does that mean can my girlfriend get in trouble, because my lawyer said that in a dv case the witness can not be arrested or in contempt to testify just like rape victims do not have to testify that is their choice,

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I'd need more details for an absolute answer, but it looks as though a judge issued a 50,000 dollar bench warrant against your girlfriend for failing to appear after being served with a subpoena.

Whether or not she testifies is different from whether or not she has an obligation to appear in court. If she was properly served and failed to appear, she could be found in contempt of court. If she was not properly served, then she may have a defense.

She needs independent counsel, not your attorney.

She needs this now.


It looks like your girlfriend was subpoenaed and did not show up at the prelim. It looks like the judge issued a bench warrant with a $50K bond.

When trying to get charges dismissed because the girlfriend doesn't want to testify, you need more of a plan than just not showing up.

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I agree with the earlier replies, but write to add this: your lawyer is not her lawyer and it would be improper for your lawyer to advise her. Now that there is a warrant out for her, she really needs to consult with her own lawyer. If she can't afford one, the court will appoint one.