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What does it mean when a criminal case states "sent out for collections"?

Urbana, IL |

I have a criminal case that I did not show up in court personally for. I plan on hiring a lawyer, but I was wondering what the court meant by "sent out for collections".

I also have a warrant on the case for missing court. Is there any chance that I will be able to fight the case in court and just pay the fines without a long term jail sentence. The case is a misdemeanor. I have since obtained my G.E.D. and an Associates Degree. I have also gotten married since then. Will that somehow persuade the courts judgment of having me serve the maximum? (3 yrs.) Can I still opt to have a trial by jury?

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A guilty verdict was likely entered in your absence and the judge entered a judgment and ordered you to pay court costs. That debt to the government will never go away and is likely being handled by the company that works for the government as a collection agency.

Too late to hire a lawyer, after the fact. Any defenses you had to the crime are waived, most likely, by your failure to appear or make a continuance request based on good cause.


I agree with Mr. Brinkmeier's answer. However, you may have the ability to still open the conviction up if it was taken on default. You should immediately hire an attorney to look into that option, but don't be surprised if it can't be done because too long a period of time has already gone by.

Good luck.

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