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What does it mean when a case goes from inactive to closed while you are in jail

Coatesville, PA |

my boyfriends case was inactive due to a bench warrant and not showing up for his probation officer he didnt report for four years and was supposed to be on probation for 2 years he was pulled over for a broken car light and was taken into custody can he come home on may 7th which is his gagnon hearing

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What makes you think the case was closed? If he was taken into custody, it means there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest and I don't see a Judge releasing him on OR. You need to hire an attorney.



I looked up the case online and at first it was saying inactive but now it is stating that it is closed



So what does that mean


It is typical that when an active warrant is issued for a person, that the case status is listed as "inactive" on CPCMS. However, once that person is picked up and incarcerated pending his Gagnon II hearing, the case status will be listed as closed since the person has already been convicted of one or more offenses. The case would only be "active" if defendant were awaiting trial on the case.

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