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What does it mean the my ex husband has a probation officer

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Probation offcier call me to aks me if i can set up a webcam confernece so my ex can talk to my daughter Her dad havent had any contact with her for almost 2 years, and havnet pay any child support since we got divorce. I have a case dcf (department of children and family to collect child support, but i kind of lost hope becasue i never hear from them, havent got a peeny in almost 2 year. I know the process is slow, and i will never received child support from her dad He is self employed, has no driving license, no assets, i dont think i will ever get any child support. now that i know my husband has a probations officer, that mean i will probably get some child support

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My colleagues are wonderful (and tough to follow).

Unless you or your daughter were somehow involved in your ex's criminal case, or if his criminal case resulted in a some sort of sexual violator registry, then I cannot imagine any circumstance as to why it would intersect with or have any bearing whatsoever upon you or your daughter.

I suspect that your ex is re-evaluating his life and wanting to establish a relationship with his daughter ("suspect" = pure guesswork.... it could easily be anything else, including a more nefarious reason like trying to gain respect from his PO or establish some sort of mitigation for early termination later on down the pike) and, knowing that there is an open civil proceeding / DCF case he is being both smart and safe by enlisting the support of his PO to make contact rather than attempting to do so on his own.

If you do not wish for yourself or your daughter to have contact with him then you can advise DCF, and or his PO or, if you are in fear, then you can also seek a civil restraining order against him. But before you do any of that (and, please understand that I know less than nothing about you, him or her - not even what he was accused of / sentenced for), I urge you to talk to your daughter (assuming both that she is old enough to have this discussion and that it is reasonable to do so) and see whether or not she wishes to have contact with her father. Perhaps this could be the start of something better for all of you.

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Well it is a little complicated because my daughter is only 6. But i agree my ex probably is lookong to gain respect from his PO He had been in trouble several times ( dui, child support from other marriage, ) I agree to the skype comunication just because of my daughter, because she ask be once in a while about her dad. I just hope i am not helping him get away with all he has done.


Unless paying child support is a condition of probation, there are no assurances that you will receive any support. You may wish to contact a family law attorney about this matter. In Florida, you can not withhold visitation even if you receive no child support.

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What it means - that your ex-husband has a probation officer - is that your ex-husband committed some sort of crime and was placed on probation. I highly doubt the probation officer is going to have any influence as to whether or not you receive child support.

This response is for general purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. You should contact an attorney to fully discuss your issues.

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