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What does it mean on your case reset form when its sates reset for SFJS?

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In Dec 2012 I was put on Divert Program I failed two in home unit breath tests for alcohol i just left court today and was told i would be taken off divert and no probation. the judge gave me 5days jail time with time served a $500 fine and court cost $495 and license susoened for 1 year. All this has to be paid on April 17, 2013 when i return to court. Now on reset form its states reason SFJS. Does this mean that even if i go back on April 17,2013 with all money that needs to be repaid that i will have jail time or still probation? i did not quite understand how it works?

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SFJS means set for judgment and senates. That is the day that you will be required to pay your fine and court costs and possibly begin serving your jail sentence. Some courts will allow a go in date for the jail time, as well as possibly paying the fine and court costs out in installments. You need to call your lawyer at once and ask them this question. Every court has different policies. Hope this helps.

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This means that on April 17, 2013, you will have to pay your costs and fines that the judge gave you. You will also have to serve any additional time that you have for your case. You can call the court to determine how much jail credit you have. You will not have a probation but will have a conviction with jail time. Based off of what you have discussed in your question you need to be prepared to be booked in.

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It sounds like you will be sentenced to time served, which means you won't go back in but will have a conviction. I would not be trying to handle this on your own. You need a defense attorney. Two from your area have already responded your question. I would call their offices to set up consultations to discuss the case. I doubt they charge for this.

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Set for Judgment and Sentencing (SFJS). On that day you need to pay your fine and court costs, unless you are given additional time. If you are not given additional time to pay the $500 fine and $495 court costs then you will likely have to sit this time out in jail (about $100 per day). You have already been given time served. Make sure to have you money to avoid jail time on the fine and court costs.

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