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What does it mean if my case was dismissed? And can I get a job?

Hugo, MN |

I was charged with a misdemeanor and the case was dismissed. I want to know if that means my record is clear. I am looking for a job now and want to know if I have to put that on there and if I should put y previous job on there. I stole from my job and I got caught and that was how I got charged with a misdemeanor. I went to court and they dismissed my case. I don't know how to apply for a job with everything going on. Please help.

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You ought to check with an attorney in Minnesota to be absolutely certain that you understand your situation correctly. If your case was actually and finally dismissed then it would seem that you have no conviction. But people are often confused about the dispositions of their cases and you need to be sure that this matter is really over without a conviction. Assuming that it is, there may still be an arrest record. Some states allow you to expunge an arrest record where there has been no conviction and you need to look into that. The law on this varies from state to state and a consultation with a Minnesota attorney would be a good idea to find out whether you can expunge your record, and if so how to do it and how long it will take. Good luck.


If it was a complete dismissal, your record will show that you were charged with a theft and then it was dismissed.

To get rid of this record altogether, an expungement is required. It would definitely be worth your time to pursue an expungement given your current job search.

I've done a number of expungements and would be happy to speak to you in more detail about your situation.



As my colleague mentioned, your record will still show that you were charged with theft but that the case was dismissed. It's common for people to believe they're record is automatically "expunged" upon case dismissal but this is incorrect. Unless you seek an expungement through the court, your record will remain open to the public eye and most importantly, potential employers.

I routinely handle expungements and am happy to answer any questions you may have on the matter. 612-281-8325.


When a person is charged with a crime, public government records are created documenting that fact. If the criminal charge is later dismissed, public government records are created documenting that fact as well. One would hope that employers and others would hold a dismissed charge agaisnt a person, since that means the charge was never proven and the defendant won the case. Unfortunately many of my clients have reported problems getting employment based upon a dismissed criminal case. That is why is may be wise to seek an expungmenet order, to petition the court for an expungment. See link below for more on expungment.

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