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What does it mean if i have a court order for temporary custody or parenting time?

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i have had our son in my care for the past 93 days after leaving my husband and i have always been the primary caretaker for his 21 months of life.

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A temporary custody order provides you with temporary exclusive custody (decisionmaking) as to your son. It can be modified prior to a final judgment. But it is the final judgment (after a settlement or trial) that will determine the ongoing custody and parenting time arrangements. It is likely that you will be awarded custody in the final order as the court does favor the status quo (if that has been serving your child well). Please meet with an experienced family law attorney at your earliest opportunity.

Mark Kramer
Kramer & Associates


The court has the authority to make an order with respect to custody and or parenting time during a divorce or custody proceeding that sets forth each parent's rights with regard to their child/children while the case is pending. See Oregon Revised Statutes 107.095 Provisions court may make after commencement of suit and before judgment. (1) After the commencement of a suit for marital annulment, dissolution or separation and until a general judgment therein, the court may provide as follows:
(b) For the care, custody, support and maintenance, by one party or jointly, of the minor children as described in ORS 107.105 (1)(a) and for the parenting time rights as described in ORS 107.105 (1)(b) of the parent not having custody of such children.
(c) For the restraint of a party from molesting or interfering in any manner with the other party or the minor children.

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