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What does it mean and what to expect Inj child/ ELD/ Dis / IN Bi

Waco, TX |

husband arrested. He headbutted my son who also wanted him to leave. He told my barley teen son that he F***ed up and headbutted him. I dont understand all the abbreviations of the charges how long will he be in jail.... dont want him out or anything just want to know what to expect and how long I can stop looking over my shoulder for him to pop up.

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You need to petition the court for a Protective Order. The granting of one should be a no-brainer for the court. I don't understand why the law enforcement officers who arrested him did not help you get a majistrates PO. Contact your local police and see if they will help. If you cannot afford an attorney, get with the local legal aid office. Sounds like what you need is a divorce attorney who would probably help you get a protective order and a restraining order as well concerning property.


I believe the abbreviations stand for "Injury to a Child Elderly or Disabled Individual with Bodily Injury." Your county should have a website that will allow you to look him up to see when his court appearances are and possibly a release date.

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I agree that you should try to obtain a protective order. Contact your district attorney or county attorney and ask for victim services. These folks will steer you in the right direction and provide helpful information that is specific to your county. Good luck.