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What does insupportability mean in my decree?

Houston, TX |

I file a fault divorce because;
1) tort; he had herpes and didn't tell me,
2) threats; the threatens to blow up our home with gas then refuses it fix the 4 gas leaks.
3) mental cruelty; he tells me he is having multiples affairs; including leading me to believe it was with my sister who died.
4) adultry; had a baby during out divorce, 2010; with a convected prostitute!
5) financial abuse; left me without food, heat during the winter, and meds for live threatening high blood pressure!
I tried to file for a fault divorce but my attorney and staff had an account with my husband's business! After 3 attorney's no one didn't my discover and I felt forced into settling. I lost half of shares of $1,000,000 joint DBA because; None of my attorneys were willing to process my 4 boxes of data!

I felt force to settle. What is insupportability? I had 4 boxes of discovery; I'm disabled and didn't work much but did care for the home. Once I became too disabled I was kicked to the curb! How is that fair to eighter of us? He gave me more funds but the settlement was not equal if I only got $130,00 plus and he got $1,000,000, plus. I am still so sickly and always will be. I went 8 yrs without diagnosis. I guess I'll never understand what fair and just is. My husband never had to disclose his assets! NO paper work done after $30,000 between the both of us. Thanks for all of you'll replies.

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It is another term for a "no fault" divorce. It literally means that the divorce could not be supported any longer. It is not a "fault" divorce.


The term insupportability means that you had an uncontested divorce in the State of Texas.

You had an attorney so I really can't address all of your other issues.

The attorney that took your case that also had your husband's business as a client should NOT have taken you as a client. Therefore, you can contact the State Bar of Texas and file a grievence against that attorney. You can get the form on-line. It is free to file a grevience.

It's impossible for me to discuss your property distribution in this email.

The adultery is only relevent in the property division.

Mentally cruelty claims are pretty common in divorce. In fact, if two people don't get along, most judges feel that mental cruelty must play a part in the reason for a divorce.

I wish you the best in the future. Obviously you had a miserable marriage. Hopefully the rest of your life will be easier.

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