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What does infraction mean on a ticket? i dont have a drivers license?

Bryan, OH |

got pulled over , he gave me a ticket it says, driving under suspension then says infraction , what does that mean?

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Typically, there are two kinds of driving on suspended license charges:

1) Driving on Suspended withOUT knowledge. This is usually a citation ONLY, not a criminal charge. Be careful simply paying the ticket though. Many times when you pay the ticket and you are adjudicated guilty that infraction counts towards habitualization. That is when your license is suspended for a longer period time because of the number of prior suspended license tickets or cases. Once habitualized you also possibly face felony driving on suspended charges if caught driving.

2) Driving on a suspended license with knowledge. This is usually a misdemeanor criminal charge and much more serious that the infraction above. Get your license cleared up and shot the traffic magistrate a valid license. Many times they will dismiss the infraction if you obtain the valid license prior to your court date.

John S. Riordan, Esq.
West Palm Beach, FL

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Infraction is the offense itself. In Ohio, we don't have the with/without knowledge DUS as the other attorney mentioned. In Ohio, a DUS is a charge based on driving on a suspended license. The suspension could be any kind of suspension (previous OVI, FRA/financial responsibility, 12 point, failure to reinstate etc.) The penalties in Ohio do increase, however, for repeated DUS offenses. Seek legal counsel.

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