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What does I-140 process focus on and what are the W2 and paystub requirements for I-140?

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I got my I-140 approved from an employer in with PERM priority date in year 2010. Then I had to switch employers (in 2011) and got my Labor approved this year (2013) with new employer. For filling I-140 with new employer the company lawyer (as a standard requirement I guess) wants all paystubs and W2s right from my previous I-140 priority date (i.e. in 2010). Is this a standard requirement? I don't understand why would paystubs and W2s from my previous employer help for my I-140 filling with new employer (unless the lawyer assumed that previous I-140 was filled by my new employer and asked by mistake). My understanding is that I-140 process focuses on measuring the ability of the sponsoring employer's ability to pay, and nothing to do with my previous employer. Is my understanding correct?

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Workers' compensation is for on the job injuries. This doesn't sound like a WC question. I will transfer it for you to immigration law section.



Thank you Sir. I did not realize I had posted in the wrong category.