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What does disposition mean here?

Austin, TX |

Charge Authority: NEW ARREST
Bond: $3,000.00 ANY TYPE OF BOND
Sentenced to 0 days 0 months
Disposition: 9/30/2009 PERSONAL BOND

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Here in NJ, the information would indicate that the person had a bail set at $3k, and that any type of bond, including a personal bond, was acceptable to the Court. If any of the excellent lawyers admitted to practice law in Texas who participate on Avvo have any additional information, they will hopefully post it as another answer to your question. Good luck.

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This appears to be a read out from the Travis County Sheriff's Office. In this case, this means that a personal bond has been turned in for that individual and that they are awaiting release by the sheriff. The process in Travis County can take from 1-3 hours depending on the timing. If the person is at Del Valle and a personal bond is turned in after 10 or so, they will not be released until the morning because there is no bus service at night.

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