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What does CRIM MISCH >= $50 <= $500 mean?

Houston, TX |

my friend got arrested two days ago and was charged with CRIM MISCH >= $50 <= $500

what could his sentence be?

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Criminal Mischief with damage of greater than $50 and less than $500. Criminal Mischief usually means vandalism or intentionally damaging someone's property. Your friend should talk to a lawyer to find out exactly what this charge means to him/her.

Stephen Brown


In Texas, this means your friend has been accused of damaging the property of another. If the alleged victim is a family member there may be a Domestic Violence component as well. This is a Class B misdemeanor with a range of punishment up to 6 months. Deferred adjudication is available depending on your friend's criminal history. Your friend definitely needs the help of a lawyer.


Your friend is accusecd of damaging property in some manner and causing damage amounting to somewhere between $50 and $500. This is a Class B misdemeanor for which he could receive from probation to up to 6 months in jail, or possibly a pretrial diversion if he has no prior offenses.

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